prototyping the FWD ovh panels

So in order to out smart this project, it is my duty to use the tools I have in hand, such as SolidWorks, a good slicer program and some nice domestic filament (and not very pricy to the results !), I need to prototype at least once a panel.

I got in to SW and quickly cut the APU_Gen panel :


It took about one hour to get the print done, I took the chance to tell on what speeds and layer height I should get the panel, this is how it looked like :


I used a less better filament, with the none wanted color for the "real deal" and as you can see, the bolts are not in place. after changing them to the right position, I tried to go with the desired color of filament and the results were satisfying :


Prototyping is Done, Printing phase is up next !

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