Learning how to communicate

So finally I’ve got sometime to read a little using my home page, Google (obviousley) about Communicating with Xplane 11.

I’m not such a big fan of P3D or worse, FSX, since the arrival of Xplane 11. I bought it already when it was in it’s Beta phase, and I fell in love with the dynamics and graphics this simulator offers. The only Temporary problem with this simulator is the lack of support for cockpit building this sim has – hence the Temporary.

There two way communicating with XP11, I know for a fact that both workm but only one of them has been a little (tiny bit) kinder to me :

  1. Mobiflight
  2. ArdsimX

Both can work with P3D, FSX and Xplane, they use different methods, and I think that ArdsimX happens to be a little more stable than Mobiflight, since Mobiflight uses XPUIPC (The identical twin of FSUIPC, just for xplane). although Mobiflight can use Arduino units as many as you’d like, interfacing this comm program did not harvest any fruit.

ArdsimX uses it’s own communcation, I have seen a few videos of a full XP11 737X (zibo mod) cockpit, which this is my goal, and I happend to understand a little better the way of configuring I/O hardware. Here’s an example of a working APU EGT gauge :

The biggest con of ArdsimX in my prespective is that you are limited to 9 Arduino units ONLY (!!). The overhead itself uses so many I/O that even my 10 Arduino Nanos and 1 Uno wouldn’t cut it, even if we could’ve add the 2 extra ones. Sure, there’s a solution which is to get an Arduino Mega that has 54 Digital I/O and that will defiently be more than enough, but we aim to the cheapest and fully operateble cockpit.

So in conclusion, that’s good news for the progress, and made me a little bit more calm since I didn’t want to ditch XP11, but as I see it I’ll have to spend a lot of time in compare to Prosim for example..

Should’ve asked Santa for a Prosim compatible XP11 (or even sale prices..haha)

Keep you guys posted !

4 thoughts on “Learning how to communicate”

    1. Hello Ray, appreciate your thought!

      Actually I did found a good deal from Aliexpress on arduino mega boards for 10.5usd, that’s Def. An affordable price in my books!

  1. You are in a similar state that I am in. I have been playing with a Mega and Mobiflight. I have built an APU EGT gauge as well and it is working well. I have a 4×20 LCD showing up today to add to the electrical panel. I would much prefer going with Nanos and have one nano per panel so they could all be modular plug and play, but Mobiflight doesn’t support them. I am going to look at ArdsimX this weekend, but I dont really see much support for P3D. I use both sims, but am currently concentrating on the PMDG P3D version. The use of Ethernet is an interesting twist which I find appealing. Prob more work than reward, but using some type POE and a single plug per panel would be really cool.

    1. Thank you for commenting Terry !

      I don’t really know what are yor plans, but if you want to stick to P3D, I would seriously recommand trying Prosim, although it’s extremley expensive.

      If not, ArdsimX is great as well, if you’d like to have a Plug&Play unit, you’ll have to work a little more, but that’s defiently “doable”, these are my plans as well – just have to get the painting and sanding done already, takes forever………….

      Hope to see you around some more !!

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